Hi, I'm Brian

From my earliest days, my parents instilled a strong spirit of giving back. As a family, we spent holidays volunteering together, supported our community organisations, and were encouraged to always lend a hand to those in need.

Around my 7th or 8th birthday, my grandmother gifted me my first camera – a Kodak Disk Camera. That one small present began my love affair with photography. I would fill up disk after disk, capturing snapshots of our family’s lives, begging mom to get them developed as soon as possible. (I still have that little camera, by the way!)

Brian working with Habitat for Humanity
Brian on a construction site with Habitat for Humanity.

Fast forward a few years, and I graduated from university with a degree in Visual Communications and a Minor in Photography. Day in and day out, I designed things that tried to sell you something, influenced decisions, and sometimes made a difference in someone’s work life. But I always felt like something was missing.

In 2013, I began working closely with Habitat for Humanity, telling stories of homeownership, volunteerism, and the positive impact of their efforts in Texas and throughout the world. I found my missing piece; it had been staring – no, yelling – in front of me the whole time.

Currently based in Sydney, Australia, I utilise my photo, video, and design skills honed in the business world for organisations who put people before profits. I have documented home building in Vietnam, constructing stoves and housing solutions in Guatemala, construction in Canada, and revitalisation efforts in Australia. Focusing on the emotional side of each story, I capture photos and videos of positive impacts happening around the world with the deepest respect, utmost integrity, and a little whimsy.

I began this journey with Habitat for Humanity, but now I am expanding my outreach to additional charities, NGOs, and B-corps. Do you have a story you’d like to tell? Contact me, and let’s share it with the world.

Overlooking Antigua, Guatemala.
Overlooking Antigua, Guatemala.
Handing out photos in Vietnam.
Handing out photos in Vietnam.

Why Me?

As a Design Director, I’ve helped companies large and small tell their stories through apps, websites, graphics, animations, photos, and videos. But NGOs are my passion. I work closely with your team to create compelling and versatile visuals that follow your unique brand guidelines for use in fundraising efforts, donor gifts, advertisements, social media, large prints, or to document the progress of an important project.

What To Expect

I say what I mean, and I mean what I say, I am straightforward and honest, and there are no games that I play. </end Dr Suess plugin> Whether you are in front of my camera, or helping coordinate in the field, I treat everyone right and with the utmost respect. I won’t waste time or money to inflate an invoice; I understand the budgetary constraints of the non-profit world. I pride myself on being a dedicated partner and delivering exceptional work. I don’t take myself too seriously, but I am serious about the work that I do.

I secured a large donation of Fuji cameras, printers, and film for Habitat Guatemala.
I secured a large donation of Fuji cameras, printers, and film for Habitat Guatemala.

Trusted By:

Habitat for Habitat International, Habitat for Humanity Australia, Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity, National Multiple Sclerosis Society – North Texas

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